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Tourist Attractions

○ Ducote Oaks (Front Street) Historical oaks planted in 1823 by Joseph Ducote II on the banks of Bayou Rouge
○ "MOVITA" C. 1900 on Montalvo Blvd.
○ Theophile Lemoine Home (Dulany Plantation) C. 1856
○ Perret Home (St. Anthony's Academy) C. 1897
○ Cottonport Museum (Cottonport Avenue) This museum was dedicated on December 31, 2004
○ People's Cross- Symbol of Unity, on the banks of Bayou Rouge
○ Cottonport Veteran's Memorial Site, on the bank of Bayou Rouge (2003)
○ Cotton Queen Square- entertainment, social, and special events area
○ Sarah Ann Williams' Memorial Park- recreation area on Indian Bayou Road
○ "Cotton Trails" on the Cottonport Elementary School old football/track field

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