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We would like to advise the citizens of Cottonport that the letters delivered to your doors are for the Town of Cottonport being deemed Non-compliant for the drain on the ground storage water tank. The structure of the tank was previously approved however, with times changing, the structure and drain requirements are no longer acceptable. This issue does NOT affect the quality of the water for the Town of Cottonport.

Town of Cottonport
Council Meeting:
Monday, January 16, 2023
6:00 pm
939 Bryan Street
Cottonport Community Center 

2021 Consumer Confidence Report

Town News Room

Mayor William “Scotty” Scott III
Mayor Pro-Tem Curtis Francisco
Town of Council District 1 Margaret Prater-Jenkins
Town of Council District 2 Kenneth Friels
Town of Council District 3 Spencer Guilbeau
Police Chief Donald Jenkins

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